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Danagen Industries: GC90345

You are an enterpreneur-miner-prospector-trader in a mining colony.


While everything can be done by mouse, keyboard is recommended for driving your ship.

W,A,S,DDrive current ship
Arrow keysDrive current ship
O/CToggle overworld
XStop current ship
ZInvoke sand drive

To drive your ship using the keyboard, use [tab] or click the game area to focus it first.


To drive your ship using the mouse, use the button with the arrow below this box.

Use right click to cancel a special mouse action like item placement.

Chat commands

To remove your ship and respawn, use the chat command /deleteme.


Soilnar: Danagen Industries: GC90345 (c) Perttu "celeron55" Ahola

Lionel Micro NBP Font (c) Nate Halley CC BY-SA, NBP Informa FiveSix (c) total FontGeek CC BY-SA